Rhinos Without Borders

Rhinos Without Borders

The inspiration for Rhinos Without Borders is a response to the dire situation that is facing rhinos in Africa. With rhino poaching at an all-time high, concerned conservationists need to be proactive.

Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, two leading conservation and tourism companies, have teamed up to translocate 100 rhinos from South Africa to safe havens in Botswana. One of Roman Balaz's favourite wildlife iconic animals to view in the wild is Rhino.

Roman has a fine detailed eye for spotting both white and black rhino during his safari expeditions in Africa, and have been fortunate to always come across rhino where ever he may find himself in the bush. The rhino is also one of his most photographed animals, and it’s through this experience that he has developed a greater love for Rhinos. When Roman learned about the dismise that these animals found them selves in as a result of aggressive pouching, he immediately donated funds towards the Rhino's without borders project to help ensure the safe keeping of this majestic creatures.

Now, Rhino's without Borders is making a difference to a species on the brink. Rhinos Without Borders was formed in order to start moving these endangered animals away from the poaching hotspots to a safer environment. Where appropriate, the rhinos will be transported by air as opposed to road, in order to shorten the journey and lessen the amount of stress placed on the animals. The budget to translocate just one rhino is USD 45 000. The whole project, including ongoing and monitoring and security, requires a total budget of USD 4.5 million.

Botswana has been carefully selected for its extremely low poaching rates, thanks in part to its “no tolerance” policy when encountering potential threats. Each rhino, when translocated, will be fitted with specially design telemetry devices for ongoing research and monitoring purposes.

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