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We are travellers, lovers of nature and animals. After visiting Africa and observing its breathtaking landscape, we decided to help and contribute to the recovery of threatened and disappearing African wildlife.

Our focus is not only on animal rescue, but also on children who despite modest conditions are trying to develop their knowledge in school while at the same time trying to expand their potential through involvement in extracurricular activities, such as jewellery making, housekeeping and farming. It is incredible to watch the joy expressed by these children, when receiving such insignificant items such as pens, clothing or even books. On the other side we are proud to be part of a project which aids in the rescue of endangered animals, such as Rhino.

"Since the inception in 2015 we have travelled back to visit our first initial programs and have since embarked on many more projects to fulfil our aim in supporting wildlife as well as rural children in the African regions we travel in. New projects now include a leopard study program in Kenya, Lion research and protection in Tanzania and building infrastructure for a secondary school near lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. We are now in the process of looking to identify similar educational projects closer to home on European soil, both in Slovakia as well as the United Kingdom."

For this purpose, The Roman Wildlife Foundation was created in 2015. The financial and material contribution to these projects in Kenya and Tanzania are:
  • To continue the support for the cheetahs with the MARA MERU cheetah research project.
  • Initiating a research program for Leopards in Kenya in the Mara as well as Maru national Parks.
  • Assist with translocating Rhino in order to protect the specie from aggressive pouching.
  • Supporting children in two schools in Tanzania. Building new infrastructure for the communities in the town of Karatu.
  • And more...

Show your support, and help create a better future for the youth as well as the children and the rural communities in large. No matter how small or how large, every donation helps for a better progressive change.

Write Us

If you have a question, wish or need information about giving a gift, you can write to us via the form and we will get back to you. Or contact us directly:

Roman Baláž, animal rescuer, photographer and personal guide.
Call +420 734 863 169 or write to e-mail.

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